Hello, Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to view my portfolio!


My name is Emily Abbas.

I am married to the man of my dreams and together we have 3 little girls, Ella, Layla, and Aubriana. We love to go on family hikes, we spend as many days exploring as possible, there can never be enough time at the pool or on a lake, and rainy days are what board games are all about! I am a Grey's Anatomy junkie and nothing gets me up in the morning like the smell of fresh coffee. I try to always live life like it is my last day here, you could say Carpe Diem is my motto. We have 3 fur babies, a boston named Roxy and a labradoodle named Hemi, and a Mini Aussie mix named Dexter. They keep us busier than the kiddo's but there is always more room for more love!

I am obsessed with photography and I have been since I was 7. I started with a cute little film camera but man was that expensive for a young kid. I babysat as often as I could to buy my first digital camera at about 10 years old, and I started working for a photographer at age 12. Right from the beginning I had a passion to capture memories and moments. Fast forward to when I turned into a mom. That was the moment I knew I needed to work for myself. I knew I had to take my passion and drive and be able to put my name on it. I wanted to make something for myself, I wanted to be home with my baby, and I wanted to be able to capture every second of her life.

I started my business by just that, photographing my one, tiny, perfect, little person. She was and is my little love. As I shared images with my friends they wanted me to capture images of their children. It didn't take long and people I had never met before were calling me asking if I would take pictures for their family. And then it happened, I got to do what I love. I get to freeze time. To bring people back to moments long after they have passed. To be able to look at a photo and have it take you to a time when your 5 year old fit in your hands as an infant. To look at your 13 year old and remember a time when they were 3 and always wanted to hold your hand. To look at your grown child with their own kids and remember the days when they were teenagers and everything you were wrong about they now want advice on. Capture Those Memories! I want to help you be able to have those moments to look back at. If you want the same, I would love to get to meet you, and do just that.


If you have any questions or concerns, I am only a phone call away!



Emily Abbas

Little Love Photography